Referal Program

Do you have a friends who trade crypto currencies? Are you maybe an influencer who has followers, or are you about to become one? Then our referral program is ideal for you. We have developed our referral program for you to invite your friends to try out our exchange. This will generate you a passive income for a life time, and one that may be tremendous.


Its fun to refer friends who refer their friends!

Dashboard to view the activity of all friends you have referred
and those they have referred – up to 5 levels.

1. Get your link
Copy your personal referral link, its easy, quick and free of charge. You must be a registered user to access your link. Register Now!
2. Invite your friends
Send your link to your friends, and tell them to send their link to their friends.
3. Get your reward
Get your coin reward from the friends you refer as well as those they refer, and so on.
What is special about our Referral Program?
Our referral program goes beyond rewarding you for just referring your friends. We reward you also for the friends these friends refer and the friends thes refer etc, down 5 lines of friends being referred.
Advantage of our Referral Program.
By allowing you to earn coins from the trading transactions that your friends and their friends, and friends of their friends, etc. make you generate a much larger income with much less effort.
How much do I make when I refer a friend?
We reward you with 25% of the trading fees the friends you refer make. You get this payout in the coins they have traded.
How much do I make when my friends refer their friends, etc.?
When a friend you have referrd refers other friends you will earn 12% from the trades they make. AND when these refer their friends you will make 7.5% from their trading activities. In addition, the 4rth line of friends referred will make you 3.5%, and the 5th ine of friends make you 2% from their trading activities.
Can I see how much I earn all they way down to the 5th line of friends?
YES! Our Referral Dashboard allows you a full view of your commissions from all friends and the friends these have referred all the way to the 5th line of friends.