How do I sign up for an account ?

1. Select “Sign up” on the top right of the website.
2. This opens a registration box where you are required to:

a. enter your email,
b. create a password which you must then re-enter to confirm.

3. Check the box “I agree to all terms”.
4. Check the “reCaptcha” box.
5. Click the tab “Create an account”.
Then check your e-mail account, you will have received a verification email with a link you need to click which takes you into the trading platform, and you are ready to go!

I have not received my verification email.

Emails can take up to five minutes to arrive in your inbox. It is also possible that the verification email has landed into your spam/junk folder. If you find the Swixxo there, use the option to mark it as "Not Spam/junk”. Add to your email contacts or safe senders so that in the future you receive Swixxo emails into your inbox folder.

If it has been more than five minutes and none of the options above have worked, then you can still login as an unverified user which gives allows you to click on the “resend email” button.

How do I verify my identity?

To verify your identity go to “Profile” (top right of screen). In the middle section of the page you will find the “Verify Your Identity (Upload Your Documents) section. You need to follow the instructions in the box and upload a proof or identity (passport, ID card or driver license) and a proof of address (utility bill, credit card statement, or land line tel. bill). Swixxo’s back office will verify your documents as fast as possible, usually within 24 hours. In some cases this may take up to 2 working days.

How do I set up 2-factor-authentication (2FA)?

It is strongly recommended to use 2-factor authentication (2FA) since it provides an additional layer of security to your account. This way you can trust your account to be safe.


We recommend you to download the Google Authenticator app since it provides the most secure configuration for 2FA. . The authentication code, generated by the app, is used for logging into your Swixxo account. Once you have downloaded this app login to your Swixxo account

  1. go to “Profile” (top right of screen),
  2. at the bottom of the page “Your information” click on  “Enable 2 Factor Auth.” ,
  3. open the Google Authenticator App (on your mobile or tablet) and scan the QR code displayed,
  4. enter the 6-digit verification code generated from your  Google Authenticator  and click “Add” – the initial set-up is now completed.


The Google Authenticator does not require phone reception or internet access once set up. It generates a unique authentication code which is valid for only thirty seconds. Because Google Authenticator is not associated with your phone number it is more secure than SMS Verification, and is therefore not susceptible to phone number porting attacks


For more detailed information on the Google Authenticator go to:


Should you need more help in installing the Google Authenticator app see this short video:

How do I change my password?

Changing your password is easy, you need to sign in to your account and go to “profile” (top right of screen), in the lower section of the page you will find the “Change password” button that allows you to do exactly that –click it to change your password.

The minimum requirement for a password is 8 characters consisting of upper and lower case letters as well as at least one number. To create a strong password, it is recommended you also include symbols. Keep in Mind, a strong password helps keep your account safe.

Corporate account

To register a corporate account, please send an email to we will get in touch with you to inform you which company documents are required. Make sure to include your name and direct contact details as well as a link to your company’s website.